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                                              Ultrathin fabric series
                                              Memory fabric series
                                              Nylon taffeta series
                                              NP/PN series
                                              T400 series
                                              Imitated silk series
                                              Polyester taffeta serie
                                              Polyester pongee series
                                              Peach skin series
                                              Taslon series
                                              Faille series
                                              Oxford fabric series
                                              Suede series
                                              Gabardine plain weave s
                                              Nylon/cotton/poly serie
                                              Lining series
                                              T400 series
                                              Product name
                                              Yarn count
                                              vertical stripe T400
                                              140D*16S+75D 146CM
                                              3/2 twillT400 150D*150D 146CM
                                              3/3 twillT400 75D*150D 146CM
                                              3/3 twillT400 150D*150D 146CM
                                              3/3 twillT400 75D*75D 146CM
                                              3/3 twillT400 100D*150D 146CM
                                              3/3 twillT400 75D*100D 146CM
                                              twilled satin T400 75D*75D 146CM
                                              twilled satin T400 50D*75D 146CM
                                              twilled satin T400 150D*150D 146CM
                                              strip T400 75D*150D 146CM
                                              kniting pattern T400 75D*75D 146CM
                                              water wave T400 75D*75D 146CM
                                              32S cotton T400 32S*150D 146CM
                                              40S cotton T400 40S*100D 146CM
                                              50S cotton T400 50S*75D 146CM
                                              60S cotton T400 60S*50D 146CM
                                              30D habijabi 30D*30D 146CM
                                              75D habijabi 75D*75D 146CM
                                              nylon two way spandex (75D+40D)*(75D+40D) 146CM
                                              polyester two way spandex (100D+40D)*(100D+40D) 146CM
                                              30D polyester two way spandex 30D/20D*30D/20D 146CM
                                              50D polyester two way spandex 50D/20D*50D/20D 146CM
                                              75D polyester two way spandex 75D/20D*75D/20D 146CM
                                              spandex grosgrain 70D/40D*10S 146CM
                                              spandex grosgrain 70D/40D*13S 146CM
                                              spandex grosgrain 70D/40D*16S 146CM
                                              spandex grosgrain 70D/40D*30S 146CM
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